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Holidays Lounge knows that there are certain items on every traveler’s wish list.

Holidays Lounge provides the best vacations that offer the best of times.

Experiencing amazing accommodations and state-of-the-art amenities, along with visiting a resort with the highest regard for customer service are essential qualities every traveler strives to make a reality. Holidays Lounge provides this and more to every visitor at our resorts, and the focus on customer service is something that everyone can benefit from.

Total hands-on concierge service gives you hassle-free vacations at affordable prices. Our efforts have recently expanded even further, adding advice and travel tips that anyone can use.

When it comes to preparing for a trip, every traveler struggles with what should be brought along and whatever should be left at home. The truth is, the easiest way for anyone to get started is by using a packing list. You can write your own, or you can find one online that suits whatever type of trip you are taking, everything from a weekend jaunt to somewhere tropical to a week-long winter stay.

There are also lists created by travelers who have visited a particular destination already, so their advice about what to bring is highly credible.

Holidays Lounge Highlights Trip Packing Tips

Make sure your medications are with you all the time

For the actual packing process, there are a couple of easy tips anyone can use. For dress shirts, roll up your belt and stick it inside to help keep the collar stiff. Store shoes in a separate bag to avoid tracking dirt, and most importantly, do whatever necessary to prevent exploding shampoo or other liquids.

Holidays Lounge knows that by being prepared and packing correctly, every traveler can and will have the best vacation experience possible. For more information about our resort, or for other helpful tips, tricks, and vacation advice.

Holidays Lounge is the front-runner in luxury travel. We pride ourselves in offering them the best service and accommodations for the lowest prices. This gives you and your family the best of times. Solo travelers are safer with us at Holidays Lounge all our resorts are very security conscious. Travel safe and travel more often. We are only a phone call away.