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Holidays Lounge Miami knows when it comes to travel, everyone loves the idea of getting a great deal. If you are fortunate enough to take the vacation you want and can get it at a discount, you are usually thrilled. Many groups that have access to these high-level discounts are IATA travel agents. Resorts and other vacation destinations offer discounts to travel agents with the hopes and intentions that they will steer their clients to these places later on.

The team at Holidays Lounge Miami wants to let people know that some companies offering a package that identifies You as an IATA travel agent so that You can get these discounts for travel are not always legitimate.

These fraudulent companies collect a fee from their prospective customers and then provide them with a card that they claim makes YOU a licensed travel agent. They promise that the travel discounts will follow, but customers usually end up being disappointed and most times scammed for more money than they intended to spend.

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Before you fall into this trap, Holidays Lounge, Miami wants you to realize that the discounts that travel agents receive are a result of them sending business directly to specific resorts and destinations. The resorts limit these discounts to the travel agents or the travel agencies that they have a stable relationship with and use daily. If you see one of these offers, Holidays Lounge Miami advised that you do some research to find out if they are legitimate, fraudulent, or just outright scams.

Look at the locations that they claim they can get you discounts to, and then contact those places yourself.

Holidays Lounge Miami recommends that you ask specifically if these discounts offered are real or scams, and if they turn out to be fake, ask how you can get the discounts yourself or which travel agencies and vacation clubs you should contact for the same or better discounts. This simple step is the best way to avoid being taken by frauds and scams and paying for a travel agent card that is worthless.

Holidays Lounge Miami remains vigilant and wants to ensure that their members stay informed to travel safe and happy!

This why people chose Holidays Lounge Miami for their travel needs its is safe and secure and offers hassle-free trip while also being deeply discounted. We have supplied many families with quality vacations that are an upscale luxury at prices that are deeply discounted.

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