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Holidays Lounge offers you the best of the best in Montreal, Quebec. Whether you are into the arts, music or nature, Montreal surely has something to share with you all.

But the best way to enjoys it all is to contact Holidays Lounge who can process all your travel plans and make your travel more organized. This way you not only get to travel in comfort but also can enjoy your holiday destination and the fun and recreational it has to offer without any hassle.

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Old Montreal in the summertime

A holiday experience in Montreal can inevitably turn out quiet invigorating as it is home to immaculate wilderness frontiers and is full of life in its modern Metros. The country offers experiences that are real and filled with life.

Holidays Lounge recommends tourists to start off on an educational, scenic tour and visit Montreal’s Science Centre. This center is ready to welcome you with a Scientific and Technological flavor, Multimedia challenges and along with individual interactive areas.

A visit to Montreal’s Planetarium is always a must for the tourists who want to discover and learn about the Solar System and the wonders of the Sky. Art lovers also enjoy a visit to the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, and for a more in-depth look into the Canadian arts, they can visit the Beaux Arts Museum.

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Holidays Lounge recommends visiting Place des Arts, a major performing arts center in Montreal Quebec

Our travel experts also recommend families with children to enjoy a day at its famous Granby Zoo which is home to about 1,000 animal species. Tourist loves their experience at the Eco-Museum Zoo which offers an intimate glimpse into the lives of more than hundreds of native animals that live in Quebec’s, Native Valley.

Biodome De Montreal consists of four different ecological habitats Rain Forests, Polar, Marine and Forest and helps the tourists see plants and animals native to each eco-system.

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Montreal Biosphere

Our members know that tourists can enjoy a wonderful holiday in Montreal if they make all their travel plans in advance and plan all the exciting activities that they want to be part of.

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Hotel Nelson in old Montreal

Vacationing is a must. We need to take time and enjoy life and also spend time with the ones we love. Lets the experts at Holidays Lounge take to your next bucket list adventure.