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Holidays Lounge suggests visiting as many destinations as you can. Here is one of our top picks. Anchorage, Alaska is the largest city in Alaska according to Holidays Lounge and attributes a vibrant culture and excellent points of interest that can undoubtedly mesmerize even the most demanding traveler.

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The U.S bought Alaska from Imperial Russia in 1867 for $7.2 million, and in 1912 the location became a U.S territory.

Anchorage was integrated in 1920 and soon grew to become a critical transportation hub. From the late 20th century as oil was discovered the city experienced additional growth and nowadays it is indeed one of  the most prominent cities in the U.S.

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An iceberg seen from the cruise ship

The city’s climate can be described as the subarctic weather. Even so, the summers in Anchorage are reasonably mild although winters could be frigid. In contrast to a lot of other central American Cities, Anchorage is surrounded by a diverse wildlife population, which is quite a frequent sight. The city has a multiracial makeup and prides itself on possessing a distinctive character and traditions.

Holidays Lounge would highly suggest starting your tour by visiting the cultural and historical websites of the city. A single area, to begin with, can be the Anchorage Museum of History and Artwork, which has some fantastic exhibits focusing around the beautiful state of Alaska.

A great attraction which will seriously entertain children would be the Imaginarium, which tends to make learning science enjoyable and enables your creativeness to run wild.

For all you plane aficionados, the place to be could be the Alaska Aviation Heritage Museum, which is dedicated to the state’s aviation history and features 21 amazingly very well preserved classic planes.

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Downtown of Anchorage

A unique attraction may be the Elmendorf State Hatchery. The hatchery produces salmon and trout for sports fishing and functions a viewing location for visitors.

One last area every customer needs to take a look at is the Alaska Zoo, that is residence to a vast variety of animals including several exotic species.

Holidays Lounge would leave the best for last; it could be the Oasis. This astounding water park offers a range of attractions for the whole family, including a wave pool, a water coaster and also a 150-foot system slide.

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Cruises do not generally dock in Anchorage. There are two ports nearby, Whittier and Seward, where the cruise lines offer options of transport to Anchorage.

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